Your Housing & Social Protection

Social Protection refers to all of the programs that a government provides to it citizens to assist with their advancement from vulnerability to self-reliance. LABOUR regards housing as a basic human need for the empowerment and social upliftment of families. LABOUR is ready to resume its programme of ensuring that all households have shelter that is sturdy, comfortable and affordable. LABOUR pledges to continue to work tirelessly to protect residents from the economic and social risks of unemployment, sickness, disability, exclusion and old age.

In the first 6 months in office, a new LABOUR Administration will:

  1. Conduct a national consultation on parental leave for employees, with a view to increasing the period for paternity leave and related family support improvements
  2. Improve the PAP Programme and provide EC$700- $1500 per month, per household with a combined income of EC$3,000
  3. Improve the PEACE Programme
  4. All essential service personnel such as our police, defence force, firemen and women, nurses and sanitation officers will receive a housing allowance
  5. Increase personnel resources at SVU, New Horizons Rehabilitation Centre, Child Protection Services
  6. Develop sexual violence and harassment legislation to address issues of partner violence not covered under Domestic Violence Legislation
  7. Improve access to credit on favourable terms to returning graduates to facilitate home and vehicle ownership

During our term in office, a new LABOUR Administration will:

  1. Construct 2,000 modern, affordable houses that will accommodate all the latest energy-efficient appliances and powered by solar energy leading to a lower cost of electricity for owners.
  2. Build a new national elderly care facility
  3. Provide diversified housing solutions that includes providing bundles of building materials targeted at disadvantaged and marginalized youth
  4. Re-introduce land distribution programme
  5. Provide financial incentives to homeowners to retrofit dwellings with alarm systems, mosquito screens, sturdy shutters, water catchment and solar panels
  6. Design and construct new recreational parks and green spaces equipped with a playground for children, bicycle trails and paved walkways in every Constituency to enhance family life, health and wellness and keep children safe
  7. Utilize Community Centres to conduct Elderly Day-cares complete with comprehensive recreational and entertainment programmes.
  8. Establish an Industrial Court upholding the principles and practices of good industrial relations that is fair, equitable and expeditious in dispensing social justice
  9. Increase Social Security old age pension
  10. Enact legislation outlawing financial, physical, and emotional abuse of the elderly